Welcome to OSF St. Joseph Medical Center in Bloomington, Illinois, where employees enjoy more than just a job.  It's a career with our OSF Mission at heart. "Serving all persons with the greatest care and love" is what our culture was founded on more than 130 years ago and our employees, physicians, and volunteers live this Mission every day.

In addition to our outstanding benefits, the medical center offers room to excel within the OSF system by offering tuition reimbursement and opportunities to climb the employment ladder.

Joining OSF St. Joseph

Careers | Current Openings (Button)The spirit of the founding Sisters is still very much alive here at OSF HealthCare, from the physicians to administration and everyone in between.

We have created a culture of excellence which truly makes us unique and enhances our Mission of providing "the greatest care and love" to all the patients and families we serve. Wherever your professional talents lie, you will find rewarding careers in a caring environment.

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  • Employee Testimonials | Laurie Alvey (Vertical)

    Laurie Alvey

    "I love the laboratory setting and being an important part of proper diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. I am inspired by the fact that there are always new things to learn about lab medicine. Also, the patient interaction I have is a good reminder of why we do what we do every day."

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  • Employee Testimonials | Amanda Lauderdale (Vertical)

    Amanda Lauderdale

    "I became a nurse, because I wanted to be able to help people whether it was during a difficult time in their life or a happy time for them. I wanted to make a small difference in people's lives whenever possible."

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  • Employee Testimonials | Teleia Gist (Vertical)

    Teleia Gist

    "I love the fact that human resources tries to help you find a job that actually fits you. It’s like they do a personality match. When I worked in Food Service, my boss was so supportive of me trying to attend classes and work. She really cared how I felt about wanting to reach my full potential. It really helps to have people that are supportive."

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